Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cookies 2007!

I have decided that this year is the year of the Christmas cookie. I am pumped about cookies this year. I have already made 10 different kinds and participated in 2 cookie swaps. Yum!I made some great little treats with Roni and Jake was helpful in taste-testing everything.
The girls made a bunch of delicious little tasties, but Candace's Rollo-filled chocolate cookie was the winner. I mean, a cookie with a Rollo in it, bring it on.
Fun times.

That is the special cookie that I made for my sweetie out of leftover bits from Linsey's cookies.
I think he liked it!

So go and make some cookies, after all, it's the year of the Christmas cookie!


Sarah said...

you are so cute!!! I wish I could make cookies with you. I love baking in December! Have so much fun!

amanda said...

cutest pregnant girl ever award goes to roni!

Kari Smith said...

Oh my goodness...looking at this post made my mouth fill with saliva and my belly long for cookies (baked AND raw)!

3 cheers for Christmas cookies!