Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tim's winning weekend

I had Thursday and Friday off of work last week, so I was able to play a rare weekday game of Disc Golf at Acorn Park with Dan. On Thursday morning we had an epic game. Dan started off horribly and I played pretty well through the first nine. My game started to unravel on the back nine while he made up ground. On Hole 17 I made a long putt to keep a one stroke lead. My drive on the last hole was awful and I botched my approach shot which gave Dan the opening to tie the score. Finally, on the third playoff hole I made a long putt around a tree for the win. It was my fourth ever win playing Dan and needed him to have his worst game in a long time to pull it off.

On Saturday there was an event for the young adult life group at our church, hosted by JG. When Heidi and I arrived, the group was playing football. So, joining late, I started playing quarterback. On our opening drive, I threw up a jump ball for Josh, the tallest guy on our team. Fortunately he came down with it for the touchdown. A few series later, with the score tied, JG called out “next score wins”. The pressure was on. We ended up on fourth and goal with a long ways to go for the score. I was QB, but Josh took the handoff on an end around. When the other team went after him, I took off, uncovered, into the open. He put the pass in my arms and I ran untouched for the score.

Last night was Monday Night Football. The Broncos were hosting the Titans and I invited people to Sensors to watch the game. Nine of us were there (including one brave woman, Ruth) and it was a blast. The Broncos won a tense game (closer than the score would indicate) on some exciting, big plays against one of the better teams in the league. As an added bonus, I had three Broncos players on my Fantasy Football team and they scored enough points for me to beat Dan by less than 2 points. (It was a bad weekend for Dan vs me.)

It feels nice to win every once in a while.

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Dan said...

Yes 10-1 feels pretty good. You can cheer for the Pack rather than the dead horse team.