Saturday, November 03, 2007


I pretty much hate Halloween as a holiday, but I do like the
candy that goes along with it. Although this year I didn't eat
any. And I just found out that Halloween started as a Catholic
holiday. Interesting. This year we spend the evening with our
friends Gus and Jenny and we scored free Chipotle burritos....
twice!! We went for dinner and then again on the way home for
lunch the following day. Gotta love free burritos! If you put some
tin foil on your head, they give you a free one. And, the best part
of the whole night: I got to ride to and from Chipotle on the
Harley with Gus. So freakin' sweet! I am totally buying a Harley
for Tim one day. :) He's happy about that.

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Cara Herzberg said...

Hey guys,

We also enjoyed free Chipotle; what a great restaurant!!! I would love to hear more about your feelings on Halloween, and what you think about this article.

We think about you lots, and hope all is well.