Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If football games were chick flicks

Heidi loves chick flicks and I do not. I love football and Heidi does not. After the painful Monday Night loss to the Packers a couple weeks ago, I tried to explain to Heidi what it felt like. So, here is what the last two Broncos games would be like if they were chick flicks.

The Broncos vs Packers game on Monday night a couple weeks ago was fantastic until the Broncos blew a perfect last second touchdown opportunity and lost on the first play of overtime. At home. If that game was a chick flick, it would consist of many scenes where the man and woman flirt, break up, and finally, at the end, appear set to walk off into the sunset together, happy as can be. The audience is ecstatic for these likeable characters and they are clearly in love. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the man is beat to death by a gang and the woman cries her eyes out while the credits roll.

Last Sunday’s game was a beat down at the hands of the Detroit Lions where the Broncos were incompetent in all aspects of the game. If that game were a chick flick, it would contain the same woman from the last movie. She finally finds a new love, a man who cares for her deeply and helps her heal her wounded heart. After fifteen minutes of happiness, however, he is killed by a drunk driver right in front of the horrified woman. She promptly marries the drunk driver and he abuses her for the rest of the movie. The credits roll as she again sobs in grief of her ruined life.

Now you can understand how it feels to be a Broncos fan this year. Consider yourself lucky if you cheer for the Packers, Colts, or Patriots. Their endings look to be much happier.


Dan said...

Preach the word brother Chase!

Kari Smith said...

In case you ever go into film writing/producing...remind me to never go to any of your chick flicks. They sound utterly depressing!