Friday, October 27, 2006

Man Laws

These are laws of life that most men inherently know. If these laws are broken, awkwardness always follows.

- When two or more men go to a movie there must be a buffer seat in between them. The only exception is when the theater is packed or at least one woman is present. (The woman then needs to sit between the men.)
- When watching football on TV, a man must cheer for the team for which his friend is cheering. (This is especially important when the friend is hosting the game. You do not want to run the risk of never being invited back because you cheered against his team when they were losing badly.) The exception is when his team is playing your team or if his team is a division rival to your team.
- If a man enters an empty restroom and there are three urinals, it is never okay to use the middle one. One of the two side urinals must be used, but not the short one. If a man is already at the middle one, the man entering the bathroom must use the stall. If the stall is in use, the man must pretend to use the mirror until the urinal is free. Only when the bathroom is busy is it okay to use a urinal that is next to an occupied one.
- It is perfectly normal for two men to play an hour long round of disc golf and talk only about that round of disc golf the entire time.

Feel free to leave comments on these Man Laws or let me know if I have missed any.

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