Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shout Outs!!

Just wanted to post some shout-outs to some great friends and loyal readers of our blog.

One goes out to Kari and Danita - great house ladies! We had an awesome time at your open house and it was great to see some old friends.

Second one goes out to our ninja friend Laura L. - you know who you are. Mom keeps me posted on you, thanks for reading our blog and for your prayers!

Third one goes out Am. Just b/c you rock and I miss you. Post another entry girl, we want to know how you're doing!


Am said...

Thanks Heidski! I love reading your blog! Miss you too.

Laurie T said...

I feel privileged to know you guys and find out first hand how it works when becoming a missionary. I love the way your love for Jesus shines in your lives. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things! (not to repeat what I said in my comment about the Flags of Our Fathers movie...but it is true)

Ellen said...

funny thought...we were actually at the same place Sunday....Danita and Kari's yet still have yet to cross paths here in's getting closer though