Tuesday, October 10, 2006

White and Nerdy

One of the funniest things I (Tim) have seen in a long time is Weird Al’s new video, “White and Nerdy”. Paste in this link and enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xEzGIuY7kw I have to admit that it gives me flashbacks to my years at Aurora Central High School.

The Broncos pulled out a win last night in a closely contested defensive battle on Monday Night Football. The offense needs work, but the defense is amazing. Plummer should get back on track next Sunday against the hapless Raider defense. Few things bring joy to my heart like seeing the Broncos give a beat down to the Raiders. Sunday should be fun.

The prayer time for Patrick on Sunday night was good. I feel like something amazing is on the verge of happening. God likes to blow our minds.

Tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of the blind date where Heidi and I met. Best three years of my life. Chris, I owe you big time.


Christi "the" Mann said...

Hey guys! I thought I'd take a break from some intense midterm studying to check out your blog. I've heard White and Nerdy, and I must say it did make my heart pretty happy. Sorry Tim, but you lost me on the second paragraph. All I saw was "technical term, technical term, Broncos, sports term, football." I love you both and can't wait to see you soon for Thanksgiving! I wish you both lovely days. Keep on truckin'!

matty d said...

I saw Weird Al's video for the first time the other day as well. I was blown away that he still is around. The video was actually #2 on the VH1 Top 40. Nice work Al. Later. Matty D

Anonymous said...

White and Nerdy is uber funny!! Also check the one where the Easter Bunny is beating people & Leroy Jenkins. The Leroy Jenkins one is hilarious!!!


Anonymous said...

Also check out Chad Vader...you may have to watch it a few times for it to grow on you.