Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A return to MN and a marathon

Heidi and I returned to MN on Saturday from our Colorado adventure. It was a time of great encouragement and fun. Every time I am in the Rocky Mountains, I am amazed by God’s creation. My parents were generous with us and hospitable and we appreciate it.

We are now in the process of inviting people to partner with us financially in our quest to get to Africa. The Navigators fundraising training was helpful and we have our first supporting church and a handful of individuals. We are excited and feel blessed already.

On Sunday I ran the Twin Cities Marathon. It was my fifth marathon and by far the hardest. The weather was unseasonably warm and I had dry heaves at mile 15 and cramped up around mile 19. The last 7 miles were awful. In all my years of running I have never had a side cramp like that. My time was around 4 hours and 4 minutes. I was disappointed, but still glad I did it. Heidi and The Candace cruised around and cheered for Eric Unger (who finished around 3 hours 38 minutes) and me. Heidi’s parents also came for the finish, which was great. I was very, very glad when it was over. It will be a while before I do another one.


Anonymous said...

With all that running you should try out for the Broncos...they could use you. Later. Matty D

Unknown said...

It is true. I could probably run for a 1000 yards this season.

Go Broncos!