Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Tim is thinking about today

-My Sweet Baboo is feeling better today. It tears me up inside to see Heidi in pain. Thanks for praying for her.

-Last night’s episode of Lost was interesting. Poor Locke is not a good judge of people. I did like the way that he was taking charge of his mistakes and making things right.

-The much loved Denver Broncos need to find their Offense soon. The Defense cannot win every game for them. Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns should provide an opportunity to get on track. It would be fun to see Plummer connect on some throws this time. (I won’t get to see it, so he’ll probably have the game of his life.)

-That awful stench is not just the Oakland Raiders, but also my fantasy football teams. I am either dead last or next to last in 3 leagues. The only league I am doing well in is the one nobody cares about. I guess you cannot always get by on your looks.


Anonymous said...

hey...i'm so sorry to hear Heidi is feeling poorly...give her my love and i will keep her in my lost me on the whole football portion of your post...but that's ok...who knows...maybe i'll get into sports someday...the other night we had midnight volleyball madness and my team rocked the courts...i was so proud of myself...i'm a little bit athletic!!...woot...the play is going very well...we open on the tenth of november and i'm super excited about it...i suppose that's all for now...i wish you both lovely days...keep on truckin'!

Unknown said...


I am glad things are going so well for you. The Chase genes have a tiny bit of athleticism in them, so you got that going for you. I am really sad that we cannot see your play. Keep on rockin the free world!