Friday, February 29, 2008

All he was really wanted to say was "why should the devil have all the good music?"

The man who is credited as creating the Christian rock genre of music passed away a few days ago. Larry Norman was a brilliant musician who lived an eventful life. As a rock and roll fan, I (Tim) am grateful to Norman for taking the friendly fire of other Christians while sticking to his conviction that the Devil should not have all the good music. A whole lot of good music has been created by people who followed Norman’s lead. He is jamming with Jesus now.

This afternoon, if the weather holds up, I will start the Disc Golf season off at Acorn Park. Eric agreed to brave temps around 30 degrees to play. I’m pretty excited.

Some friends blessed us big time by praying for us last night. Thanks, friends.

Heidi is the cutest of all time.

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Dan said...

no she looks like me, so she looks like a man.