Friday, February 22, 2008

A working woman

Heidi is a working woman again. She took a temp job while we wait for our house to sell. I will let her tell post the details of the job. She is learning an awful lot about plumbing supplies right now.

Here is a link to a documentary that looks interesting. Click here to watch the trailer: Ben Stein hosts the doc about how Intelligent Design is not allowed to be taught in America. It is set to open in April and if it plays in MN we are planning to go.

The Roseville 4 theater (or Roseville stick-to-the-floor theater) is closing at the end of March. I have seen more movies there than any other theater. It was a great place to watch a movie if you could find a seat that was not broken and get your feet unstuck from the spilled soda on the floor. I’ll miss it.

Good season of LOST so far. Last night’s surprise at the end was awesome. We did not see it coming. As usual there were more questions and not many answers.

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Anonymous said... still my beating're probably shocked to see a comment from me on here, since you've likely assumed that i met my untimely demise...this is obviously not the case...i'm just the worst communicator ever...crap...that puts on damper on the whole "being a communications major" thing...anyways...i just wanted you to know that i do periodically read up on y'all even though i don't usually comment...i love you and i can't wait to see you on saturday!!!!...have a lovely day...keep on truckin'!