Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Legend retires

I know football season is over, but I must say my piece about a Broncos legend. Rod Smith, one of the all time great receivers in the NFL, not just the Broncos, is likely to retire from football. He was an undrafted player who came up from the practice squad to play in two Super Bowls. Any athlete would do well to emulate his work ethic and drive to excel. Like most of the Broncos nation, I am hoping that he will join the Broncos coaching staff and show the next generation how the game is played.

I love my Ipod. At work I can put on my headphones and jam out while I answer emails or read documents. Today my artists of choice were Pillar and Project 86, while yesterday I listened mostly to Nickel Creek and P.O.D. How did I survive without an Ipod for so long?

Winter still has its icy grip on Minnesota. It was -8 degrees when I went running this morning. Getting a little tired of it, I’ll be honest. I am hoping for a somewhat warm day to start the 2008 Disc Golf season. A sunny, 25 degree day would do the trick.

For Valentine’s Day, Heidi and I took in dinner and a movie. I got to pick the restaurant, so we ate at Quang’s. That place is so good. For the movie, we saw Enchanted at the Riverview Theater. It is a fun, clean movie with some great moments. Not bad for a chick flick. It was just great to be with my Sweet Baboo.

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Cara Herzberg said...

You never really know how much you love your iPod until you land in West Africa and discover, the first time you go to use it, that the battery is shot. Totally shot. Won't even take a charge. Why couldn't that have happened a week ago, when I was still in the States????

Because, God is smashing all my idols and comforts, that's why.

(I am smiling, and rolling my eyes right now).