Tuesday, February 12, 2008

D-War and losing in Settlers

On Saturday morning, while Heidi was working, I picked up D-War (Dragon Wars) from the Redbox. It is a Korean film about some attractive people and an evil serpent and an army of bad guys. I think. The plot did not make a whole lot of sense and they relied on Deux ex Machina to carry their plot so many times that I gave up trying to follow it. The dialog was awful and the actors could have been made of wood. (A minor character is played by the guy who plays Darryl on The Office and that character is exactly like Darryl from The Office.) Despite all that is wrong with the film (including the fact that at no point in the film are there dragons at war), I really enjoyed it. In Hollywood there are so many committees who write scripts that most films that are released are just rehashed movies with different actors and settings. (How many times have you watched a Romantic Comedy and felt that you have seen it before?) The great thing about D-War is that whoever made the film decided to make something that they would enjoy seeing. They figured if a helicopter flying through downtown Los Angles while fighting with a flying beast was cool, and a helicopter fighting two flying beast would be even better, but a helicopter fighting 17 flying beasts would be spectacular. Therefore, while D-War failed to be a good film, at least it failed spectacularly. I give the makers of this film credit for daring to make something great. Hollywood should take notice.

On Saturday night Heidi put together an engagement party for our friend Julie (JG). While the Heidster and the girls were out eating sushi and fondue I went over to Patrick’s place for a few games of the Settlers of Catan. Patty, his sister in law, joined us. Evidently at some point I must have offended the Settlers gods (I don’t really believe in them, don’t worry) because I got destroyed three games in a row. At no point was I competitive the entire night. At least they had fun.

It was horribly cold this weekend. The high for the day on Sunday was -5 degrees. Yesterday when I went running before work it was -7 degrees. This morning it was +6 degrees and it felt great. I wonder how I will feel when it is 115 degrees in Africa. Maybe I’ll miss the sub zero temps. Hmm. Probably not.

Heidi sure is cute.

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Anonymous said...

I Guess weather like that is why I left Minnesota... We had a high of 66 Today. Snow scheduled for Tomorrow morning. Will be over by afternoon, and melted by Sunday.
You will wish for some -6 days in Africa... but after time, 86 will feel like -6 to you. Come on out and Ski (Board ) Colorado. We have 25 foot drifts in South park. Over 90 inches of snow at many ski areas. The Mountains and the City are two completely different weather systems.