Monday, February 04, 2008

A Super Bowl

Last night’s Super Bowl was great. Sandy and Allen Putnam opened their home and offered their food to a small group of football fans. Chad, Ruth, Jer, Amy, and I were blessed by their hospitality. The game itself was the most exciting since the Broncos beat the Packers in Super Bowl XXXII ten years ago. (Don’t anyone say that the Titans/Rams Super Bowl was exciting. It was horribly boring until the end.) The commercials were mostly good, with the FedEx Carrier Pigeons as my favorite. Heidi watched a girly movie with some of her girlfriends and claimed she had more fun than watching the game.

The outcome of the Super Bowl was not at all what I expected. I did not figure the Giants were enough of a team to beat Green Bay in sub-zero temps, let alone the mighty Patriots. My prediction before the game was the Patriots in a blowout. I guess that’s why they play the game. When Manning escaped the sack and completed a long pass with only minutes left in the game, I knew we were witnessing something special. The only downer of the Super Bowl means that we have eight months before another season starts.

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